arrow.jpg Provincial engineers in 7 provinces get CPES accreditation


MANILA - The local construction industry will need to take up the challenge of quality issues in the delivery of construction projects in the provinces as more local governments in Southern Philippines are now adopting nationally-approved quality control measures to ensure various construction projects are implemented at acceptable standards.

All provinces assisted by the Australian-funded governance and institutional reform program dubbed as the Philippines Provincial Road Management Facility (PRMF) will soon comply with the mandatory implementation of NEDA-approved Constructors Performance Evaluation Systems (CPES) in monitoring and evaluating contractor’s performance in the delivery of construction projects.

In various CPES Accreditation Seminar workshops held in seven PRMF-assisted provinces namely Agusan Del Sur, Bukidnon, Bohol, Guimaras, Misamis Occidental, Misamis Oriental and Surigao del Norte, all provincial engineers from each province who participated in the workshop have recently qualified for CPES accreditation by the Philippine Domestic Construction Board of the Construction Industry Authority of the Philippines, the governing body for CPES program.

Once accredited, CPES qualified provincial engineers of each province may be authorized to assess quality performance of contractors. PDCB noted that all civil engineers from participating PRMF provinces have satisfactorily passed the exercises, case studies and actual project evaluation for CPES.

Among those who topped are engineers from Agusan Del Sur, Misamis Oriental, Surigao del Norte and Bohol with the highest rating of 97%.

“Now I realized it’s fun knowing how to evaluate contractors. We can now identify the good contractors. Of course, we want them to deliver quality projects as well,” said   Engr. Alejandra Acebo, Division Chief of Misamis Oriental Provincial Engineering Quality Control Division.

Acebo, 56, is among the top achievers of CPES accreditation workshop.

“I am now happy with my job especially with the PRMF training because we get to upgrade our skills. It gave us a sense of empowerment and direction. It’s no longer just performing without knowing,” said Acebo, adding that CPES accreditation will ensure that the provincial governments’ time, money and resources spent for construction projects are not wasted because of incompetent contractors.

Pursuant to RA 9184 known as the Government Procurement Reform Act, CPES program is being implemented as a rating system used to evaluate the performance of all local or foreign constructors undertaking government infrastructure projects such as road, bridge, housing, building, ports and harbour, irrigation and flood control and water supply.

The evaluation system covers all aspects of project implementation such as workmanship, materials, time, environmental, safety, and health concern, resources deployment, and facilities.

CPES is like a “report card” wherein the constructors will be rated during construction and upon completion of the project.

CPES ratings are used during pre-qualification and eligibility screening of constructors, awarding of contracts, project monitoring and control, issuance of certificate of completion, policy formulation and review.

The ratings are also used for industry planning and granting of incentives or awards as well as in adopting measures to further improve performance of contractors.

With the systematic and objective approach of CPES, the quality of infrastructure shall be thoroughly checked and problems encountered shall be immediately addressed.
The Seminar-Workshop on CPES Accreditation Course was conducted with support and funding from the provincial governments and PRMF.

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